Mother Courage and Her Children, Olivier, National Theatre

February 1, 1996 § Leave a comment

Director: Jonathan Kent
Playwright: Bertolt Brecht
Adaptation: David Hare
Design: Paul Bond with John Clarke, Jonathan Fensom, Keith Grey
Lighting: Peter Mumford
Music: Jonathan Dove with Stephen Barnett
Sound: Jonathan Suffolk
Fights: Paul Benzing

Young Soldier / Eilif’s Guard / First Soldier: Patrick Baladi
The Man with a Patch / Peasant: Paul Benzing
The Recruiting Officer: John Bluthal
The Chaplain: David Bradley
Mercenary / The Soldier in the Bar / Second Soldier: James Buller
A Soldier / Mercenary / Eilif’s Guard / Peasant’s Son: Ken Christiansen
Peasant in Halle: Edward Clayton
The Singer: Tamsin Dives
Eilif: Brett Fancy
Young Man: Martin Freeman
A Very Old Colonel: Michael Gough
The Cook: Geoffrey Hutchings
Yvette Pottier: Doon Mackichan
Old Woman: Sarah Parks
Farmer’s Wife: Phillipa Peak
The Commander in Chief: Donald Pickering
Swiss Cheese: Bohdan Poraj
The Second Sergeant / Second Soldier / Eilif’s Guard / Third Soldier: Anthony Renshaw
Mother Courage: Diana Rigg
The Armourer / Older Soldier: Gordon Langford Rowe
The Sergeant: Tony Selby
The Regimental Clerk: Cyril Shaps
Kattrin: Lesley Sharp
Peasnt’s Wife: Susan Jane Tanner
Soldier in Fur Coat / Lieutenant: Angus Wright

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